Concertsat First Church

Nov 3

Cristóbal de Morales Missa Pro defunctis à 4 – Nov 3 – livestreamed


On Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 12:15 pm, singers Margaret Wells, Brad Findell, Justin Meyer, and Kevin Jones join vocal forces to present a rare performance of the Missa Pro defunctis à 4 of Spanish Renaissance composer Cristóbal de Morales (c. 1500–1553).

Lunch has traditionally been a part of these Tuesday events. This fall, chef Ryan Jones will be creating a virtual menu for these concerts that you can prepare for a post-concert lunch at home! The Friday before each event, you will receive an email (click here to subscribe to the email list) as a notification of the concert that will include a menu for lunch, a grocery list, and a recipe! What could be better?! Well, honestly, being together would be better, but, until that is possible, voilà!

Morales was born in Seville and received a rigorous education there. He was employed as an organist in various locations, however, little is known about his life in between 1532 and 1532. By 1535 he had moved to Rome to become a singer in the Papal choir at the Vatican. He remained there until 1545, eventually relocating to Spain where he held a variety of posts.

His music was quite popular at the time, being sung throughout Europe and even in Mexico. He leaves us a corpus of 22 masses, published in two volumes in 1544, 18 settings of the Magnificat, and more than 100 motets. The compositional date of this Requiem (there is another from 1544 for five voices) is unclear. It was found in the fourth manuscript at Málaga Cathedral, Málaga, Spain.

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